Womens SHG, Medar Oni


Our Home

Raichur district is located in the North-Eastern part of Karnataka. The district consists of  18,167 hectares of forests. The district is bestowed with varied soil resources comprising 57.6 per cent black and 42.4 per cent red soils. 

It is popularly known as Do-Aab lies between two important rivers of Karnataka state, Krishna  (North side) and Tungabhadra (South side). As per our ancient traditions, the Rivers have several famous shrines on their banks. Raichur has a very rich historical significance. Hundreds of inscriptions, ranging right from the Mauryan period up to the end of the Muslim period, in a variety of languages like Sanskrit, Prakrit, Kannada, Arabic and Persian and belonging to almost all the dynasties that ruled over the Deccan have been found in the area..

Our People

Nestled in the suburbs of Raichur in Medar Oni, is the women Self-Help Group ‘Swabhiman’, led by Smt. Padmavathi and the members consists of marginalized women. Sevashram Khadi & Village Industries, an NGO based at Raichur has been supporting Swabhiman in their endeavour for sustainable livelihood.

Under the guidance of Sevashram, Rose Gulkand with Honey & Dry Fruits is made by Swabhiman Self Help Group. The SHG members have been trained by Sevashram in the manufacturing of Gulkand moreover the ladies also utilize the infrastructure of Sevashram for manufacturing the Gulkand in the most hygienic conditions.  The Gulkand is packed in food-grade, air-tight glass bottle for a longer shelf life.

Our Tradition

Pure Rose Gulkand with Honey & Dry Fruits has been formulated by Sri. Dyamanna resident of Lingasugur, he is Vice President of  Karnataka State Traditional Ayurveda Practioners Association. The recipe is based on organic Damascus Rose petals sourced from Chikkaballapur along with Jestamadhu Honey and Dry Fruits and nuts  such as Almonds, Raisins, Muskmelon seeds, Watermelon seeds, Pumpkin seeds, & Sunflower seeds. It has all natural ingredients and is completely Chemical FREE.

Our Offering

Rose petal of organic Damascus rose are gently plucked from the flower by the SHG members when is it is fully mature. The petals are washed and sundried. After drying, it is hand grinded which helps in release of the natural juices from the petals which can start the maturing process. Jestamadhu Honey and Dry Fruits and nuts  such as Almonds, Raisins, Muskmelon seeds, Watermelon seeds, Pumpkin seeds, & Sunflower seeds are mixed to the grinded petals. The mixture is stored in a stainless steel pot and kept daily in the sun light for couple of weeks, it is stirred daily till it matures upon which it turns brownish.

This gourmet food has NO chemicals, NO preservatives, NO added colours and NO added sugars. Rose Gulkand with Honey & Dry Fruits has delightful refreshing taste. Use it to make milkshakes, or as a topping for the ice creams or kheer. You can just simply relish after a meal with paan for better digestion.