Our vision is “to reconnect to Earths Natural Goodness.” 

That vision influences everything we do. The the ideas we share, the raw materials we use, the products we develop, yes, every little thing. 

It’s the compass that leads all of us in the same direction. It keeps us grounded and focused on addressing the earth's needs. 

Our vision is alive in our engagement with all our stakeholders- rural community, consumers and Mother Earth. In short, it is to improve the financial condition of the rural community while simultaneously providing fulfilling consumption to urban dweller in the most symbiotic manner.


While our vision tells us why we exist, our mission tells us what we want to achieve. 

Our mission is “to offer a wide range of well-designed products that are functional, appealing and sustainably address consumer pain points at multiple levels”. We love those words because they capture the essence of the Bhumi Sutra ethos. 

The way we go about this job is led by what we call resonant design. That is our view on how to create products that are worthy of the Bhumi Sutra Brand and worthy of our stakeholders.

Resonant design helps us to develop only products that are natural, appealing and sustainable. Resonant design might sound a bit pompous, but we think that’s fine, because it allows us to fulfil our business idea and bring the Bhumi Sutra vision to life. 

That’s huge to us, and hopefully to many others too! 

Value Chain

The value chain at Bhumi Sutra is the people we share relationships with. Relationships that include our existing and potential, co-workers, suppliers and beyond. 

It begins with, it’s people who design and develop our products. We work in close collaboration with our partners to share each other’s expertise about design, materials development, sustainability and distribution. It’s our goal to deliver products that address the multidimensional pain points of the consumer. To understand what those products might evolve into, we need to include consumer into our value chain through listening. 

At the end of the day, it’s the engagement level with our relationships that keep our value chain moving. Our existing value chain has amazing people carrying out amazing work. 

Our dream is to engage with even more people. To get there we have to become more open and present to their constantly evolving needs. We embrace the many different realities of the relationships around us to provide space for mutually beneficial coevolution.

Road Ahead

The Bhumi Sutra story is, and always will be, one of coevolution through empathetic engagement. 

Our vision – to reconnect to Earths Natural Goodness. – encourages us to be innovative and empathetic. 

We’re optimists, constantly looking for opportunities, always willing  to lend a hand. Our culture is built upon enthusiasm with a symbiotic attitude.

Whether it’s redesigning products, finalising terms with suppliers, or connecting with consumer,, we are always looking for more appealing, sustainable and functionally simple ways to address more pain points more effectively. 

Sometimes, our eagerness could lead us in the wrong direction. We are perfectly fine with that as long as we learn from our mistakes. It’s part of being of entrepreneurship. 

While we’ve got big dreams, we don’t know exactly what the future has in store for us. But if we keep coevolving by engaging deeply with our relationships, tomorrow will be a great day!