Mother Nature Beckons

Under lockdown, as I sit in my balcony, I feel the cool breeze touching my skin. On the green trees around, little squirrels are busy harvesting the figs as they ripen. The chirping of birds, the soft hush of the leaves as they sway in the wind. This beauty makes me happy, and I find peace in nature. However, my bliss is soon bought to an abrupt end. I hear the siren of the ambulance in the distance.  It shakes me rudely and makes me wonder, it was all, just an illusion.

Is that the sound of Mother Earth grieving in pain!

Have we caged her, only to be exploited. 

this made me reflect

I know I came into this world naked, with nothing at all. It was our Mother Nature, who provided us with everything- food, clothing and shelter. We exist always within her loving womb. With great care, she has created all species, with just one expectation. That they all live in harmony. Each, receiving and giving in the great web of Her life.

Even now, as we sit locked down at our homes, she continues to share her abundance….fresh fruits, vegetables, grain, milk and all food staples. Even our electronic   screens, are powered from, her reserves of coal, oil and gas.

Recognising that our Mother is hurt, it’s about time we reflected on how best, we can care for her. Each in our own little way. Can we start by consuming mindfully, only that what we actually need. This would at least, allow her to breathe again.

Thereafter, some choose to fight against those who exploit her resources. Rather than fighting, we at Bhumi Sutra have chosen, to strengthen the hands of those who care for her. Her keepers, the “Earthkeepers”. Our small farmers and tribals are keepers of the traditional wisdom, on sustainably working with Nature.  We want to ensure that they, not only “survive” but most importantly “thrive.

Only by appreciating their wisdom and practices, and empowering them, can we truly reconnect with our Mother. We then, can again hope to live in harmony. 

Together, we can care again. For Earth has no sorrow that together, we cannot heal.

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