Appreciating Earth keepers!

One of the greatest human minds that ever existed once said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” This was a famous quote by the world-renowned physicist Albert.

 All of us are currently experiencing fast-paced lives of telecommuting, telepresence, online shopping and social media through digital avatars. Despite the ease of accessing information and lightning speed telecommunication, we continue to face grave challenges Maybe it’s now time to look for wisdom from a different dimension of life.

 Incidentally, even in these days of advanced computing, there is still one area in which digitisation will not work. Its’ Our Food Chain!  It not only requires physical transportation and storage facilities but also most importantly real people to cultivate the soil.  People who can care and nurture the earth so that it can give back bountifully. Maybe it’s time that we knew more about the only people who really continue to toil with our physical earth, cause maybe they have some wisdom to offer.

 Here are the top three virtues of the Farmers which simply makes their wisdom truly unconventional, and hence of great value in these times.

 Nurturing: Being a Farmer means one has to have empathy for all the elements around! The field, the crops, the animals, the nature everything has to be cared for. The farmers care for these elements just like a parent would take care of his child, on a daily basis providing timely nourishment, water, cleaning the foreign elements, paying attention etc. Importantly they pay great attention to details and are therefore highly tuned in to the specific needs of the elements - the soil, plants, animals & the nature and take proactive actions to protect and nurture them.

 Patience: The farming process begins with a barren land; the farmer patiently works upon the soil knowing his effort would only transform in harvest at least in 3 to 6 months’ time. He patiently works upon the soil to saplings to plant to crop, nurturing them and watch them grow. He has to work every day and there is just no short cut or quick fix. Our current mindset of instant gratification, we may not be able to comprehend what it takes to work on a goal which cannot manifest instantaneously.

 Perseverance: Last but not the least, farmers physically toil in the fields with rigour whatever be the climatic condition hot summer, freezing winters, heavy rains. They are out there diligently working in their fields, no summer break, no rainy-day holidays. They have a vision of the harvest and follow through it completely every single day and night without any excuse.

 Despite operating in a digitised environment, if we can imbibe these virtues even in small degrees in our lives, will be surprised by the magical transformation that it brings about and help us to live a very fulfilling life!



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